Executive Director

Elizabeth Paul  provides support and education to cancer patients about mesothelioma treatment.
Elizabeth Paul

As Executive Director of the Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America, Mrs. Paul brings a fresh, energetic approach to a foundation offering hope to many. Her fund-raising abilities are a primary asset in the challenges of running a non-profit, health-centered organization.

She comes to the Foundation having served as Office Manager, Client Liaison, and finally Director of Settlements for the Law Offices of Jerry Neil Paul. Elizabeth's work at the law firm has developed in her a true appreciation of the tragic consequences of mesothelioma cancer. She understands its impact on family members. This exposure to victims and their families has made her acutely aware of their medical needs and related problems. She is uniquely qualified to direct the influence of others in their understanding and support of the Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America mission: to bring HOPE to those seeking a cancer-cure to mesothelioma.

She is no stranger to adversity. In 1997, Mrs. Paul suffered a series of strokes with ensuing paralysis. For eighteen months she had limited mobility with a full leg brace and wheel chair for transportation. She endured many of the same emotions a mesothelioma cancer victim must endure. She knows the value of research dollars. She knows the value of HOPE.

Many schools' parent service organizations have benefited from Mrs. Paul's contributions and volunteer services over the years. Her own hobbies include walking, reading, baking and always making time to enjoy her husband and children.

Mrs. Paul was born in the mid-western state of Ohio. She has three brothers residing around the world. She met her husband, Jerry Neil Paul, while doing her undergraduate studies. They now celebrate more than 30 years of marriage and share this with their six children. Their family resides in Westlake Village, California.

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